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Choc Chip and Caramel Macy - Limited Edition

Choc Chip and Caramel Macy - Limited Edition

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Our limited edition Burnt Butter Choc Chip and Caramel Macys are a signature Sweet Darl'n treat that has undergone a little upgrade and is now ready for you to enjoy but get in quick because supplies are limited.

What's burnt butter? or Beurre Noisette is butter that has been heated and slightly burnt to bring out a richer, nutty flavour that is incredible! This butter is then used to create our Choc Chip Cookies which are assembled into Macys using a big dollop of caramel and our signature marshmallow sandwiched together and decorated with sprinkles!

Available in a box of 5. 

Watch them being made live on TikTok or Instagram. 


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