How far in advance should I place my order? 

Item usually arrives between 5-10 days after purchase depended on the order volume Sweet Darln' is experiencing and your delivery location. On rare occasions items make take up 14 days. *due to COVID no delivery timelines are garunteed as many factors can contribute to delays


When can I order for Saturday delivery?
Saturday delivery orders must be placed before 5pm on Thursday afternoons.


What type of gelatine do you use?

All our marshmallows are made using beef gelatin.

Do you have a vegetarian or vegan option?

Not at the moment. Keep an eye on our socials as it is currently in development and will be making them available when we are sure that they are perfect.

Are your marshmallows halal?

Our marshmallows are not Halal.

Are your marshmallows gluten free?

We do not currently offer anything GF.

Do you have a pick up option?

We do not offer pick up at this time.

How do I store your marshmallows?

If you don't eat all the marshmallows at once ;) you can store them in an airtight container in a cool place for several weeks.

How much notice do you require for a custom order?

We like three weeks notice. This gives us plenty of time to work with our customers to create their unique marshmallow and allows for production and postage.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, if you are interested in our products on a wholesale basis please email us at