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Sweet Darl'n x Destiny Rescue Australia

Sweet Darl'n is proud to support Destiny Rescue's work with children and young women. 
With every transaction via our website, $1 is donated toward freeing a young girl from slavery, and poverty. All donations go directly towards the urgent rescue of young women trapped in human trafficking.
Destiny Rescue Australia rescues trafficked children and teens from the red light districts of Asia and Central America, conducting daring raids on massage parlours, au go go bars, karaoke bars and spas.
Operating at the coalface of human trafficking, Destiny Rescue's volunteers work with local law enforcement to set innocent girls free, and punish their captors.
Girls are kidnapped, sold, or tricked into the trade, but Destiny Rescue empowers them through education and healing to realise their true potential, and to be the breadwinners for their families through micro-businesses.
Girls will no longer be enslaved; they will be educated.
Girls will no longer be exploited; they will be empowered.
Girls will no longer have their futures taken from them; they will live a new destiny.
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